Unlike the others.

I am a modular system - my possible uses are many and varied.
I am an absolute lightweight.

Quality convinces.

ALLROUND is the high-quality, uncomplicated and variable carrier system for leisure and hobby. All you need is a trailer hitch.
ALLROUND can be attached to the trailer coupling without tools using quick-release fasteners.
The carrier can also be secured against theft with star knob locks M10 (lock set NEW) or with U-locks.


Light Metal

weighs only a third compared to steel. You can transport payloads up to 60/80/120 kg


Carrier and accessories are made of light metal and stainless steel


The ALLROUND quadruple carrier fits into any normal trunk - weight from 5. 5 kg onwards - depending on the model.

Fuel saving

The C-value of the vehicle is only slightly affected.

More trunk space

For holidays and leisure time we have created an additional storage space with the Big-Box, which is mounted in the plug-in system and secured in a lockable manner.

Universal carrier

Even after the purchase of another vehicle, you still have the option of adapting the ALLROUND carrier system.
The basic carrier can be combined with all additional parts; you only need the corresponding carrying module.


On the following pages we would like to present our products in detail. We hope that you will find the right one for you.

Do you have any questions? We will gladly answer them for you. By telephone or e-mail.
We look forward to receiving your order.

For every tour. Any purpose. Every use.

Universal holder for carrier systems
Allround UT 2020 - Payload up to 120 kg with lock set M 10.


Suitable for all ball head couplings.
If you buy a complete rear carrier system with a new 2020 mount, e. g. a double bicycle carrier (with 545 mm support arm), there will be additional costs for the new Allround 2020 universal mount.

When purchasing a rear carrier system with a new mount and long carrier tube (800 mm), additional costs for the new universal mount Allround 2020 are added. Can also be ordered individually.

Special requests are possible on request.

Download in german, an English versioin will be available soon.

Allround rear carrier with transport platform


Allround tricycle carrier with additional stand rail for another bicycle